2023-04-28 - NEW production site PE

pure engineering restructures and relocates the production and development site to Auenwald.

Market segments:

enclosures for the contamination control
&  protection of production environments

media supply systems for plants and machines

Process equipment for the
production of pharmaceuticals products

2023-01-19 - NEW Process climate for EURO7 brake emission testrigs

pure engineering delivers first system for process air conditioning of brake test benches. The test benches are used to measure brake particles and tyre wear according to standardised WLTP measurement procedures. The measurement of different particle fractions during braking processes requires reliable and reproduced process conditions. The air conditioning provides constant environmental conditions for this, as well as an adjustable volume flow, which enables highly precise isokinetic sampling for particle measurement. The installation of the new test bench technology in conjunction with pure engineering's ultra-microbalance system is related to the entry into force of the EURO7 legislation in 2025.

2022-06-16 - mRNA vaccine manufacturing

pure engineering receives the order for the development and delivery of an aseptic production plant for the scalable production of nanoparticles for the encapsulation of mRNA. The plant is designed for the scalable production of LNP-based drugs and pursues novel approaches in terms of manufacturing and process monitoring.

2021-01-21 - NEW dewpoint mirror mk1.2

Introduction of new dew point mirror hygrometer generation with improved mirror surface, backwards compatible for all filter weighing chambers pureGMC

2020-03-20 - F-Gas Regulation (BImSchV)

The filter weighing chambers of the pureGMC-ONE series will be converted to the substitute refrigerant propane (R290) with immediate effect. The changeover marks the introduction of the further developed mk3 generation refrigeration units. The new refrigeration units are backwards compatible and replace the previous versions (R134A).

Background for the change is the F-gas regulation in Europe, which regulates the use of partially fluorinated hydrocarbons (including HFC) and prohibits the placing on the market of refrigeration units with a GWP value of >=150. Concerned are new units that are placed on the market from 2022 on.

GWP values refrigerants:

- R290: 3 kg CO₂

R134A: 1,430 kg CO₂

2019-03-03 - Calibration services

We offer the right calibration for your sensors: both ISO factory calibrations and traceable DaKKS calibrations according to the recognised standards & procedures.

Our laboratory is accredited by the National Metrology Institute (NMI) according to the recognized standards & procedures of ISO 17025.

2018-07-26 - NEW active vibration isolation system for sensitive ultra-micro-wheighing

Solution in case of vibration issues in the building by active damping in the frequency range from 0,7 Hz - 80 Hz

2018-04-30 - Mobile environm. simulation room

pure engineering establishs process climate control system for 200 m² mobile environmental simulation room. The system covers a gap in the market regarding flexible solutions for the environmental simulation  of  huge production facilities

2017-09-29 - NEW pureCAM with DI water tank

Process climate control system for very low air flows now available with DI water tank.
This means that no DI water supply System must be installed on customer site.

2017-04-06 - Application report!

Process climate control systems for containment solutions that provide reliable protection of the operator as well as the environment.

2017-02-07 - NEW product introduction!

Introduction of the cleanroom workplace pureLFP. The device is designed for the sample preparation and loading of Ultra-micro Weighing cabinets.

2016-10-12 - Marketing

Launch of new homepage with extended product portfolio and updated company presentation

2016-03-07 - Capital increase!

Shareholders send out clear signal for further investments in new products.

2016-03-07 - Change of legal form!

pure engineering Beteiligungs GmbH and pure engineering GmbH & Co. KG merge to pure engineering GmbH.

2016-01-02 - Harro Höfliger becomes partner!

Through the technology partnership with Harro Höfliger Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH now immediately pure engineering has a strong partner aside.